he looks like off brand arin hanson. like store brand. this is like the walmart version of egoraptor.


solid toy section at the supermarket


i’m into some kinky shit sure… have you ever heard of “kissing”?


my resume be like: image

Got a great view of Edinburgh Castle today

Found a shop front with a TON of fox stuff

A butt tree…………

Rejoice, rejoice, for johnlock is dead

Beyond this gate is what was formerly the Scottish covenanters’ prison, turned into a concentration camp by George Mackenzie when they refused to renounce their faith.

It’s haunted by Mackenzie’s poltergeist, which is said to have strangled many people unconscious, leaving bruises on their necks.

I went inside the other night on a ghost tour, but so far as I could tell, nothing happened.

Greyfriar’s Kirkyard

Millions of people are buried in this tiny graveyard, and it’s incredibly haunted by a particularly violent poltergeist. Lots of authors and writers have gained inspiration from the hauntings, burials, and grave-robbing that occurred here. JK Rowling got a lot of names from people buried here and made them characters in Harry Potter.

It’s beautiful in the daytime and incredibly creepy at night.